oh darling, let's be adventurers.

I am married to a gentle, kind, thoughtful, jovial, playful, strong man.

I take great delight in him.

He makes me want to be more like Jesus.

He made this week the most beautiful week of my life.

I am very happily married to my best friend.

An Explanation Of Absence.

Well, it feels as though it has been ages since I last posted! Apologies! My explanation is as follows: In the last 9 months, I have been very busy. I have become increasingly distracted by my growing relationship with my best friend,

Taylor Reavely.

To put it plainly, I have been very busy with the process of becoming engaged to be married!

Currently, I am in the throws of wedding planning and will most likely persist in my blogging absence—at least until my new life season begins. (I have been in this state since saying "yes!" on June 22nd)

I am getting married in 40 days.

"On June 22, his parents' 27th anniversary, Taylor asked Andie to be his wife, and she said "YES!" They were sitting in the back of his truck by a fire in the mountains in Trout Lake, WA, rehearsing again their love story that began in 5th grade. They had just finished reading letters passed back and forth over the past 13 years when Taylor got on his knee and asked Andie to marry him. The tears that ensued were long in coming and full of inexpressible joy."