Hello! I am Andie. One of the things I love most about my craft is that it isn't about me—it's about you. I take great delight in delving into your story, working to understand what makes you smile and tick. You are beautiful and unique and you are marked by the story that you live.

I have found that there are a lot of people who speak with their eyes, but there are very few who listen with their eyes. I strive to listen with my eyes and ears, as I work to create an anthology of you. You are not summed up in a simple pose or photography technique; however, I use my understanding and background in photography as tools to write the story I see and hear.

A Visual Anthology is my business. Photo-journalistic is my style and education. Classic Kodak Portra film is my look. Natural light and lines are my favorite tools. Portland is my city. Stumptown Coffee is my fuel. My husband is my love. Jesus is my life.

This is me. I cannot wait to meet you.

Image by  Evernew.co

Image by Evernew.co