purely informational :wink:

Here is the lecture hall. Every lecture is held in this room, and all students attend at the same time. We were assigned a desk at the beginning of the year and we will have it until it is switched around after Christmas break. You can see my desk... it is on the right-hand side of the middle isle, fourth row up. I sit beside Stephanie from the Netherlands.

Here is my room... a bit messy, but you get the idea ;). Haha, my bed is the clean one ;). There are also three more beds immediately to my the left that I could not fit in the picture.

Here is the lounge. It is usually full of people, however, most of the students are on a day-trip to the coast... so, it is rather empty at the moment. There is the area where games of all sorts are played, people hang out and read... no computers are allowed in here. There is also a piano here, and there is often someone playing it.

Here is the Library. This is where most people do their studying. It is relatively quiet, and computers are allowed. Haha, this room isn't usually this full, but the internet is on during this picture, so everyone is trying to check their facebook accounts and e-mails. =).

So, aside from the dining hall, these are the places where I predominately spend my time...