How are you going to display your photos? Get your photos off your facebook wall and on to your real one where they can be treasured and admired for years to come. I pride myself in being a full service photographer who captures and documents your most fleeting moments to be looked back on for years to come. At your viewing and ordering appointment we will go through the works of art we created together and decide which collection and products will work best for you and for display in your home.

Social media changes, technology advances and fails, but albums and framed prints are timeless and the archival paper I print on can last hundreds of years! One of my favorite things to do is pull out the boxes of photo albums, prints, and slides we have saved from all the way back to my great grand parents days, will your great grand children be able to say the same? We are the most photographed generation, let's make sure those photographs live on past facebook and instagram and into the hands of our future loved ones to remember our stories by for generations to come.

Clients spend on average $1,500-$4,500 with me on their personalized photography experience.