Web Imagery for Noble Institute

Noble Institute exists to help everyone learn how to participate more fully in the goodness and wisdom of God. What would it be like to walk in the ancient paths of wisdom where the good way is? If you are looking for a simpler, quieter, better way of life in the modern world, pull up a rocking chair on my front porch, and let’s talk.
— Noble Institute

I had the pleasure of spending a wee-while, taking pictures of beautiful and intricate objects in the office of Gregg Harris, for his new website for Noble Institute. Gregg is a visionary, with a kind heart, brilliant mind and a wise soul. His eyes see parallels, lessons and analogies in all things. He is a passionate teacher of minds and hearts. 

There are what God calls “old paths, where the good way is.” Neighborly kindness. Honesty. Integrity. Skill. Hard work. These virtues never go out of style. The old fashioned institutions of covenant marriage, masculine fatherhood, feminine motherhood and family loyalty are also worth holding on to. But it’s hard to do what is right. Walking in wisdom is never easy. But is is good, because God is good. At Noble Institute we strive to be that kind of people. We advocate those kinds of old fashioned virtues and values. We teach these things to our kids and we teach others to do likewise. This is where the good way is. Do hard things. And raise your kids to do hard things.
— Gregg Harris, Noble Institute